Areas of Practice

Experienced Creditor’s Rights Attorneys

The Law Office of Sarah A. Okrzynski, LLC is a Creditors’ Rights law firm dedicated to providing clients high quality, efficient and cost effective legal services with an emphasis on proactive communication and building partnerships with clients with a commitment to ethical integrity, excellence and respecting and understanding our clients’ best interests and bottom line.

Attorneys provide creditor representation across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. On behalf of creditors both large and small, we handle Debt Collection, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Litigation, Evictions, R.E.O. Closings, Replevins, and Subrogation throughout our regional footprint.


Debt Collection

The firm provides debt collection services for creditors in consumer and commercial collections, both secured and unsecured, for small and large businesses, banks, credit unions, health care institutions, landlords and other lenders.

The firm represents creditors providing the following collection services:

• Commercial Collections –commercial debt, secured and unsecured, for small and large businesses, contractors, subcontractors, banks, lenders, commercial landlords and equipment lessors.

• Retail collections – collection of consumer debt, secured and unsecured, for banks, debt buyers, savings and loans, health care institutions, credit unions and other lenders.

• Construction collections – filing and enforcement of mechanic’s lien claims, and labor and material payment bond claims.

• Replevins – repossession and recovery of collateral from defaulting debtors for lessors and other secured creditors.

• Litigation – prosecution of debt collection civil actions in State and Federal Court, and before alternative dispute resolution forums (arbitration, mediation) and defense against counterclaims.


Our firm can seamlessly handle the transition when an individual consumer or commercial entity, against whom a creditor is collecting or foreclosing on, files for bankruptcy protection. Services that our firm offers are:

• Chapter 13 plan review – detailed review of the plan, schedules and statements to ensure adequate protection of the client’s interest.

• Objection to Chapter 13 plans – defending attempts to “cram down” the secured value of collateral and plans that do not treat our client’s fairly.

• Relief from Automatic Stay – to continue action legal against collateral.

• Agreed Orders and Notice of Default – entering into satisfactory agreements to resolve motions for relief from stay and pursuing relief upon default.

• Proofs of Claim – filing claims on behalf of creditor’s and defending against objections and related claim actions such as Notice of Payment Change, Notice of Post Petition Fees and Expenses, Notice of Final Cure Payment and Transfer of Claim.

• Reaffirmation Agreements – drafting agreements creating a performing loan, reducing losses and allowing the debtor to retain the collateral.

• Redemption – objections to motions and negotiation payoff amounts.

• Adversary Proceedings – determination of Non-Dischargeability and avoidance of liens.


Our firm represents secured clients in a variety of foreclosure, eviction and real estate-related matters such as:

• Residential and Commercial Foreclosures – initiating foreclosure actions in State Courts. My collection background allows me to also assist clients in obtaining and collecting deficiency judgments.

• Tax Lien and Condominium Lien Foreclosures – enforcing and collecting secured debt on behalf of holders of tax liens and condominium liens.

• Loss Mitigation – promoting the client’s interest, where possible, by arranging for alternatives to foreclosure, such as facilitating loan modifications, reinstatements, forbearance agreements, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, and settlements.

• Ejectment Actions – handling ejectment/eviction services after the foreclosure process and sale is complete.

• General Housing Related Issues: HOA’s, Mobil Home Matters Rent Control, Section 8, Health Code Violations Foreclosure Redemption Confirmation and Ratification, and Cooperative Loans.

• Real Estate Transaction Closing – Our firm conducts real estate closings beginning with title examination, resolving title issues, reviewing of all closing documents, obtaining all necessary signatures, finalizing the closing and delivery of sale proceeds.

Real Estate Litigation

The firm represents clients in litigation of title claims, disputes regarding the origination or transfer of loans, RESPA, TILA, and pooling and securitization of mortgage loans, Title Defects, Easement Rights, Mechanics Liens, and actions for Declaratory Judgement.


The firm represents insurance companies to maximize recovery on claims paid on behalf of the insured party for property and casualty claims and automobile insurance claims, personal injury claims, underinsured or uninsured motorist claims and unpaid premium claims.


The firm represents clients in litigation of Landlord/Tenant actions – Drafting and Negotiation of Leases, Breach of Leases, conduction eviction actions and collection of unpaid rent and damages.